2024 8th International Conference on Intelligent Traffic and Transportation

Call for Papers

2024 8th International Conference on Intelligent Traffic and Transportation is the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of intelligent traffic and transportation. The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

Track 1: Intelligent Traffic and Transportation
Traveling Salesman and Vehicle Routing Problems
Environmentally Friendly Mobility Planning
Last-mile Logistics
Quantum Simulation for Complex Logistic Problems
Traffic Flow Optimization Problems
Industrial Problems in the Logistic Chain (Bin Packing Problem, Job Shop Scheduling...)
Flight Optimization Problem
Air Traffic Management Modeling, Simulation, and Decision-making Support (Air Traffic Control; Air Traffic Flow Management; Airspace Design, Management, and Capacity-complexity Assessment; Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Drones' Integration; Spacecraft and Balloons Activities Safe Integration; Conflict Detectionand Resolution; Trajectory Prediction under Uncertainty)
Travel Behavior Modeling
Behavioral Modeling and Interpretation
Fleet Optimization
Traffic Flow Modeling
Transit Operations
Modeling Approaches for Mixed Traffic

Track 2: Intelligent Automation, and ICT-Enabled Collaborative Traffic Systems
Improvements in the Public Transportation Network
Connected, Cooperative and Autonomous Driving Systems
Autonomous Vehicles
V2X Communication In ITS
Vehicle Localization, Object Tracking, and Navigation
Measuring and Quantifying Reliability/Robustness of Public Transportation Systems
Public Transportation Planning under Uncertainty, e.g., Reliable/Robust Network (Line) Planning, Frequency Setting, Timetabling, Transfer Synchronization, Rolling Stock / Crew Scheduling and Rostering
Intelligent Real-Time Public Transport Control and Operational Management (Bus Bunching, Stop-Skipping, Vehicle Holding, Transfer Coordination, Corrective Actions)
Network Theory Applications in Public Transport
Autonomous Connected Vehicles
Intelligent Sensing for Autonomous Vehicles and ITS
Intelligent Sensing for Traffic Control and Management
Datasets for Autonomous Vehicles and ITS
Connected and Automated Vehicles
Cooperative Driving Technologies

Track 3: Traffic Safety and Management in Smart Cities
Attack Detection or Fake Scenario Detection for SCSU-ITS
Casual Inference for SCSU-ITS
Fault Detection and Prediction in Various Transport Carriers
Traffic Accident or Anomaly Detection or Prediction
Communication Failure Detection and Prevention in Connected Vehicles
Object Detection, Re-Identification, Tracking, Trajectory or Location Prediction in SCSU-ITS
Efficient Management of Vehicle Fleets
Cybersecurity in the Aviation Domain
Modeling and Simulation Applied for Aviation Safety, Security, and Crisis Management
Deep Learning & XAI Methods for Traffic Management
Optimization Methods for Traffic Management
Assessment and Evaluation of the Public Transport Reliability
Public Transport Scheduling in the Era of Mobility-as-a-Service
Connected and Autonomous Public Transport Planning and Operations
Development of Safe and Secure Cooperative-ITS (C-ITS) Services for Traffic Management
Analysis of the Impact of C-ITS in Mixed Traffic Flow
Benefits of C-ITS for Road Safety and Traffic Efficiency
Management of Incidents and Evacuation
Ports, Waterways, and Vessel Traffic Management

Track 4: Transportation Infrastructure and Construction
Road Damage Detection and Prediction
Design of Transportation Facilities
Smart Road Infrastructure
Modeling and Detection of Vulnerable Road
Advanced Transportation Safety Systems
AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for ITS
Behavioral Modeling in ITS
Public Policy, Regulatory and Societal Issues in ITS

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