April 12, 2018, News ! The organizing committee has decided ICITT 2019 will be held in Amsterdam during September 22-24. (Click).
September 29, 2018, News ! Thanks to your participation and support. ICITT 2018 has run smoothly during September 22-24 in Stockholm. (Click).
September 05, 2018, News ! Prof. Mahmoud Shafik will give a keynote speech entitled 'An Intelligent Medical Care Platform Solution for People with Long Term Health Condition Based on Wireless Sensors Network Technology' at ICITT 2018. (Click).
July 06, 2018, News ! The submission deadline of ICITT 2018 has been extended to July 30, 2018. (Click).
April 12, 2018, News ! Prof. Roberto Montemanni will give a keynote speech entitled 'SocialCar: Integrating Carpooling into Existing Mobility and Public Transportation Systems' at ICITT 2018. (Click).
March 04, 2018, News !  The conference venue has been confirmed. (Click).
January 03, 2018, News ! It's been decided by the organizing commitee that ICITT will be held in  Stockholm, Sweden during September 22-24, 2018. And the submission is already open (Click).
April 14, 2017, News ! Prof. Roberto Montemanni will give a keynote speech entitled 'Decision Making under Uncertainty in the Transportation Sector' (Click).
April 11, 2017, News ! The second round of submission is open. The submission deadline has been extended to May 15. (Click).
March 17, 2017, News ! The conference venue has been decided at Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport. (Click).
February 28, 2017, News !
Prof. Mahmoud Shafik from College of Engineering and Technology, University of Derby, UK will give a plenary speech at ICITT 2017. (Click).
December 27, 2016, News ! The submission for ICITT is open now. Welcome both scholars and researchers to submit your papers or abstracts (Click).
December 26, 2016, News !
Welcome Prof. Zhenyu Yu, Beijing Jiaotong University, China to join in the technical program committee.